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tv   Journal  PBS  February 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> live from the dw studios in berlin, this is your news. >> coming up, today's news. >> greece's new prime minister face-to-face with one of his country's biggest creditors. did the european union give him anything but a warm welcome? correspondent in brussels has the answer. >> jordan executes two militants and promises and earth shaking response that the islamic state confirms jordanian pilot alive -- burns are jordanian pilot alive. >> stunning images of a with 58 passengers crashing into a river in taiwan.
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>> hello again. greece's new political leaders have added brussels and paris to their whirlwind tour across europe. >> you could get the impression that all the talk of a showdown between athens and its creditors has been, well, mostly talk. >> greek prime minister alexis tsipras today met with eu leaders in brussels and then french president francois hollande in paris. as he has been doing all week, tsipras pushed for a rethink on his country's debt burden. >> he emerged from the talks of the. areis he winning his creditors over? we will ask our correspondent in brussels in just a moment. >> first, we start in paris. >> paris was the second stop of the day on alexis tsipras' european charm offensive. he is seeking to ease crippling debt in his country. french president françois
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hollande stressed the importance of working together to solve greece's problems. >> the first principle is that of solidarity. we are in the same monetary zone , so we have the same interests, the same issues, and the same obligations. the second principle is that of responsibility. we are all responsible for our currency. >> earlier tuesday, tsipras was in brussels to present his demands to the presidents of three eu institutions. two topics dominated the discussion. first, the troika. the auditors are hated in greece and athens is tired of being monitored. the new government must do decide its own reforms. and then there is the debt. tsipras' election campaign focused on getting a debt write-off. now he avoids the term, preferring "debt swap." the european mission had
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jean-claude juncker has indicated an openness to dialogue, so tsipras can hope for some concessions. >> maybe we will have to adapt a few policies. maybe we won't change all of them just because of an election result of some light and some don't -- that some light in some don't. >> and outright debt reduction for greece is out of the question for brussels, but tsipras said he is optimistic about finding a solution after meeting with the european element head. >> i know very well that the history of the european union is a history of disagreements, but at the end of the day, of compromises, of agreements. and we have a willingness to work in this direction. >> an eu summit next week might produce a deal on the debt issue. a compromise is needed fast. the current extension runs out at the end of february.
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>> let's play our correspondent. -- full in our correspondent. he is in brussels and he covered those talks for us today. what came out of those talks? >> both sides remain very tightlipped after these talks. all we know for the moment is that further talks will follow and what we know is that greece hopes for a deal. they hope for more time to conduct reforms. that is the point where there is mutual interest, because after all, let's be honest the troika was not all about austerity only, but it was also about structural reform. that was indeed an impression one could get today, that greece is prepared to conduct a certain number of structural reforms. >> ok, tsipras and the greek finance minister, they have been going all over europe for the past couple of days trying to drum up support. what do they have to show for themselves now particularly ahead of this key meaning with the german finance minister on
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thursday? >> of course it was a smart move on the part of the greek government to first of all visit the countries that have been traditionally, or in recent years been in favor of state finance, or let's put it more cynically, debt-financed growth. of course they were met with sympathy there and they are rather happy about that. at the same time, one has to say that that does not mean that france or its elite will have an anti-austerity block in europe now. >> the greeks have not received any promises from anyone right now. isn't it true that everyone in europe is basically waiting to see what berlin, what the germans are going to do with this greek debt? >> absolutely, and there is a simple reason for that, and it is called proportionality. of the 240 billion euros in the total debt package it is $80
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billion that has been given from germany to greece. of course, all the other states look now to the country that carries the biggest burden. >> all right, thank you very much. >> greases finance minister -- greece's finance ministers also touring europe and wherever he goes he is arguing for a stop to the austerity and that policies of recent years. >> but his most difficult as it is yet to come. tomorrow he traveled to berlin and will sit down with the german finance minister, the lightning rod for protests against austerity. gamma it will certainly be the climax of a week that has seen greece's leaders lobbying power brokers. that includes the rookie and central-bank. >> after a meeting of the european central bank in frankfurt, greece's new finance
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minister says the talks have been constructed and he -- constructive and he delivered a clear message. >> it can't possibly be business as usual in greece, both in terms of the reforms we needed to end the various malignancies that affected the greek economy and society for so many years. >> there was no comment from within the bank itself. there has been some speculation that this could be assigned there is disagreement within the institution. next up for yanis varoufakis is a meeting in berlin with his german counterpart, wolfgang schäuble. >> greece has achieved more in the past years than the experts ever thought was possible three years ago. there is no denying that there is still a lot to do. but those who say that everything is on the wrong track
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haven't looked at the situation. >> despite these words, the german government's official staff remains tough. the german chancellor has ruled out the possibility of securing debt write-offs from creditor nations. >> the markets continue to keep a close eye on the efforts by greece to renegotiate the bailout deal and how investors view the latest on auction. our correspondent has more from frankfurt. >> for the first time since the new greek government came to power, the greek republic came to the money markets this wednesday. it auctioned off six months treasury bills. there was much less demand at this option that at previous auctions of that type. and the banks demanded much higher interest from greece than before. this shows how skeptical the financial markets are when it comes to the future of greece.
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on the other hand, good news came in for many companies from both euro land and the united states. general motors and other companies managed to beat analyst expectations with their quarterly earnings reports. >> here is a quick look at the numbers for you now. germany's dax close-up 2/10 of a percentage point. your stocks ended today almost flat. across the atlantic, in new york the dow israel in positive territory, my more than .25%. the euro is down. >> all of these uncertainties in the eurozone are having an interesting effect on german consumers. normally known as prolific savers, they are suddenly going on a shopping spree. >> as the euro is hovering around and 11-year low, interest rates are practically zero.
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the buying mood of german consumers is that a 13-year high. >> german annual retail sales rose for the fifth consecutive time last year. now a new report from the largest market research group says the spending will continue to grow in 2015. the report says rising consumer confidence will help push german spending of 1.5% this year. >> private household spending is an important economic indicator. consumer spending is a key pillar of growth. to spend more, people need more money in the pockets. unemployment is low incomes are rising, and more people are spending what they earn. >> germany is the third-largest exporter in the world. some analysts believe that berlin's exports is a sign that domestic growth is too low. critics have called on germany to stimulate domestic demand encourage more imports.
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gfk had good news for germany's european neighbors too. the consumer mood is up across the eu. >> in other news, jordan executed two convicted al qaeda-linked prisoners before dawn. this came hours after the islamic state extremists released a video appearing to show a captured jordanian pilot being burned alive in a cage. >> lieutenant muath al-kaseasbeh was taken hostage in december when his plane crash into syrian territory under i.s. control. the gruesome nature of his were has sent shockwaves across jordan, which has pledged a node shifting response -- which has placed an earthshaking response. >> thousands were there to see king abdullah of jordan on his return from a state visit to washington. he cut his trip short after the news came out that a jordanian pilot had been murdered by the islamic state.
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jordan is a key player in the coalition against the jihadist group. in egypt, the arab league condemned the pilot's killing is a barbaric act. >> the arab world is sorry that there is an organization, or rather, a criminal operation like this in the region. all our condolences go to jordan and its king. >> two iraqi terrorist were executed at this jail south of ammann early tuesday morning. but for the father of the murder pilot, this is not enough. >> i want the state to get my revenge -- to get revenge for my son's bloodless three more executions of those who follow this criminal group. >> his son also vowed to avenge his brother's death and called for jordanians to unite. >> we live in jordan and we will protect jordan and die in jordan. god willing, the army will take revenge for muath al-kaseasbeh. >> jordan's king has promised a harsh response. >> we want to go live now to the
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middle east analyst in amman, jordan. good to have you with us again this evening. jordan has pledged what it calls "earthshaking responses" to this murder of its pilot. what options does it have? it has executed to prisoners already. >> jordan has raised the town today price -- raised the tone today by the king saying that there will be severe and harsh measures taken, and the government spokesman saying that they are determined more than ever to fight the terrorist group. jordanians need to hear that. it is not clear what exactly the government is going to do. yes they have hinted that there will be more executions than the two that were carried out today. however, i don't see this happening immediately. and probably this would be even not considered anymore.
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we have to focus more on the idea that jordan will get more involved in the coalition. taking advantage of the mood that has changed there is more support to the coalition now inside jordan -- >> let me pick up on that. you and i talked last night about the mood changing in jordan that support actually growing for the coalition and action against islamic state. it looks like your prediction is right. king abdullah is calling on his people to stand behind this coalition. >> yes, and for the time being this is what is happening. executing more people is not going to affect isis> isis don't care if prisoners from al qaeda are executed. they consider them death and martyrs rather than be in prison. >> as always, thank you very
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much. >> we will be taking a short break. don't go away.
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>> welcome back. this two teams in taiwan have managed to lift the fuselage of a plane that crashed near a river in the capital, taipei. the trans-asia flight was on a domestic flight with 53 people on board. >> these people are confirmed dead and more than a dozen are still missing. we know what the crash looked like. stanley, or point images caught by a motorist as the plane came down -- astonishing, horrifying images caught by a motorist as the plane came down to >>. >> shortly after taking off in taipei transasia airways flight ge235 clipped a stretch of elevated road and crashed. this taxi was hit in the
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plane plunged into the river below. emergency services rushed to the scene. many of the passengers and crew were trapped inside. it was a domestic flight, but most of the passengers were from china. >> the front and of the play -- front end of the plane is in the water and we are asking the public works department to bring heavy cranes to try to lift it goes a lot of the trapped people are in the front of the plane. >> rescuers managed to save more than a dozen people from the wreckage. later in the day authorities recovered the flight recorder. it is not yet clear why the plane crashed. the pilot was able to make a mayday call before losing contractor -- losing contact with air traffic controllers shortly after takeoff. it is the second tranasia airways flight of this type to crash in the past year. the rescue operation continued into the night. >> amazing pictures. in japan troops have been digging out a town buried under
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a record amount of snow. >> the blizzard hit the island of al qaeda. it cut off the -- it hit the island of hokkaido. a car off the island. the decrease use -- heavy cruisers used shovels and agreement to rescue people from their homes. no deaths or serious injuries have been reported. >> seven people were killed and a dozen wounded after a packed commuter train hit a car north of new york city. >> the accident happened tuesday evening rush hour. the commission started a fire, pumping officials to evacuate people from the trinket >> -- from the train. >> the car driver was among the dead. >> what started out as a routine journey home turned into a nightmare. a jeep had stalled on the tracks at a level crossing. the city gates came down and the driver found herself trapped. she was still there moments
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later when the 630 train from manhattan to the suburban area of white plains arrived. >> it was hit by the train, and the resulting fire and explosion of hitting the car consumed the car, the vehicle, and then the first car of the train itself. >> the impact caused a rail to buckle. a paramedic said it was the worst tragedy he had ever responded to. >> i see a car engulfed in fire, i see the train also had a fire that was quickly moving through it, i saw people trying to get off the train. people at the front of the train needed immediate medical assistance. >> jason was riding in the second carriage when he felt the impact. >> then he started to hear people further up starting to panic a bit and they were calling for a fire extinction,
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which they were able to go to the back of the second car and get come and try to pass that up into the head car. we could not get the head car's door open for some reason. it was jammed. >> the accident is the latest in a series over the same line over the past two years. national authorities have repeatedly found fault with train operator of and urged it to improve safety standards. >> investigators examining the death of an argentine prosecutor say he was considering calling for the arrest of president cristina fernandez. a draft warrant was found in his apartment. >> this man made serious allegations against fernandez before his death, accusing her of protecting iranian officials from responsibility for the 1994 bombing of a jewish community center in buenos aires. he was shot dead in his home two weeks ago just hours before he was set to testify in congress. the german government is making
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further attempt to stop islamists in germany from heading to comment zones such as syria and iraq. >> the cabinet has released a new draft bill which would make what is often called jihad tourism punishable offense. >> if adopted the bill would also make it easier to take action against those who help finance terrorist groups, such as the islamic state. >> propaganda films like these tried to draw self-proclaimed holy warriors from germany to jihad. the german government hopes the proposed legislation will prevent potential islamists from heading to war zones. >> we want to stop that kind of travel. we know that when they come back , they are even more radicalized, and they pose a greater danger to the general public. and we do not want to let it come to that. >> according to the draft law authorities will monitor people
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who post online messages that show their intention to join a terrorist group. if the suspect tries to travel to places like iraq or syria they will be arrested. but few people leave such clear tracks. and critics doubt the effectiveness of the law. >> the build of the cabinet has passed today should really be classified as pretty much just a political symbol. it is meant to give citizens a false sense of security. they haven't done what really needs to be done, because that costs money. >> that includes measures like buying better equipment. with around 180 people estimated to have already returned from fighting abroad, monitoring potential suspects is a big job. >> the battle against the rise of islamic state is taking place not only in territory in iraq and syria, but also in mosques
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all around the world. >> support for the radical group begins with an ideology, and many say religious leaders have a responsibility the two guide their followers in the right direction. >> we follow the story of an imam at a mosque, which has a large muslim minority. he has opposed the islamic state even though it has been dangerous. >> friday prayers at the community center mosque in berlin. the imam here emphasizes the message of peace in islam and condemns jihadists as criminals. it is a view that is widely shared. the mosque is often overcrowded. those who come late joint prayers outside. >>"we want peaceful, normal lives in this community." "our congregation is united against terrorism.
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we are a congregation that encourages dialogue, interreligious dialogue, and this is what we are trying to indicate." leading the way is the imam. the tunisian has lived in germany for 25 years, and his message of peace resonates with many muslims here. most also condemn holy war as a crime, as he does. but there is a small minority who think differently. he receives death threats almost daily. after one sermon, he was knocked unconscious on the street by a radicalized teen. "most teenagers who become radical fanatics don't have a clue about islam. they have used drugs and have tattoos everywhere, and then suddenly they turned back to allah and mosques. after a month, they have a long beard. after two months, they have arab dressed. jihadists." he isn't afraid to speak his
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mind. he says his message that islam is a peaceful religion, is his strongest argument in the fight against radicalism. it is deeply upsetting for him that radicals are provoking prejudice and hostility towards islam. "these are people changing our religion tracking the principles of islam through the mud. when people hear the word islamic state, they are afraid. when they hear sharia, they are afraid. when they hear islam, they are afraid. this is unfortunately what they have a confli -- what they have accomplished." he says he is dedicated to breaking down prejudices of the islam will be accepted as a welcome part of german society and the place to start is at his mosque. >> al jazeera journalist has
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arrived home after spending more than a year in an injection prison. he was freed on -- egyptian prison pit he was freed on sunday after more than 400 days in jail in cairo on charges of aiding a terrorist group. >> he spent two days after his release recovering in cyprus before flying back to australia. he was greeted by friends and supporters and reunited with his family. the case has provoked international outcry. 2 journalists arrested with him remain in prison in egypt. >> in an ongoing corruption scandal in brazil, the entire board of directors of the state oil giant petrobras has resigned, including the ceo. >> there was no comment from president dilma rousseff, who is close to foster and supported her in recent weeks. the oil company has been at the center of $4 billion graft scandal. several politicians are alleged to have received kickbacks. >> in bush leaguer news -- in
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bundesliga news, the chance of closing the gap just got loose. >> this german wenger has been presented as a new member of the team. he bought the german national player from chelsea in a deal worth 32 million euros. the 22 -- the 24-year-old has trained with his new teammates and could make his debut as soon as this weekend in the match against hoffenheim. >> look at that. they've got the gloves on too. thanks for watching, everybody. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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